A Traveling Salesman Problem Example

Let’s say that you are trying to solve the traveling salesman problem. Let us compare two particular approaches: Random and Greedy. We will use a small subset of New York cities (NYC, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse). Random Algorithm: 1. Pick a random starting city from (NYC, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse). Let us start with Rochester.  Chosen Cities […]

Using an Entity Component System with Python and SQLite3

In the last blog post, I introduced entity component systems with some C++ template code to help out with safe typecasting. In this blog post, I want to share my experiment using Python and SQLite3 to implement the database structure I read about in Adam Martins’ blog. I have not had the opportunity to test […]

Fluxions Engine 3.0: The History of a Research Graphics Engine

The first graphics engine I wrote was in the late 1990s which I originally named KA3D — short for Kick-Ass 3D. But, I couldn’t commit to this name because it had a slight hint of profanity which I am generally uncomfortable with. So I changed it to Fluxions after the Method of Fluxions which Isaac […]